Temperature-Tracker utilizes Low Power Bluetooth technology 4.2 to connect from the smart application to the device. The device complies with FCC and CE requirements.

Remote Monitoring

User can configure his account to receive SMS and Email notifications in the event of a fever alarm. (Other charges may apply for SMS notifications)


History Graph
Time Interval Configurable

Clinically Accurate

Device meets clinical thermometry specification of the American
Society for Testing and Materials
ASTM E1112

Remote Access

Caregivers and loved ones can access temperature information
remotely via the Internet.

Multiple Connectivity

Temperature-Tracker Application can connect to multiple devices at
the same time. In the event one of more children are experiencing
high temperatures, the Temperature-Tracker application can monitor
simultaneously several devices.


IOS / Android


Device Disconnect
Low Battery Level

You can depend on our technology to monitor the health of your loved ones !


Temperature-Tracker (T-T) is a continuous remote fever monitoring system. The T-T sensor is placed under the arm of the patient. The clinically approved sensor will measure the temperature and transmit the value to the T-T application on your smart telephone. In addition, the application will display the temperature and transmit the information to your register account in the cloud. Temperature measurements can be seen remotely via the internet. The Temperature-Tracker system is capable of sending Text Messages and Emails notifications to caregivers when a fever alarm is detected.

Temperature-Tracker is recommended to monitor temperature in children with risk of developing a fever.

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  • What is Temperature-Tracker (T-T)?

    T-T is a continuous remote monitoring fever system. T-T monitors individuals body temperature continuously by measuring the body’s temperature and sending the measurements to smart application and the cloud.

  • Does Temperature-Tracker work when my telephone is in the sleep mode?

    Once the application is connected to the T-T device, the application will continuously work even when the screen of the telephone is turn-off. The application will continue active in the background. If an alarm occurs the application will trigger the audio alarm and it will automatically turn on the telephone’s screen.

  • Do I need a Bluetooth repeater to use my Temperature-Tracker device?

    No, the operational range of the device to the application is over 80 ft assuming there is no major obstruction. It is recommended not to cover the device with the patient’s body as the Bluetooth signal will not be able to propagate efficiently.

  • What would happened if my application gets disconnected from the device?

    The smart telephone will trigger an alarm. If a disconnect alarm is trigger be sure to get closer to the device. The application will reconnect automatically. It is not necessary to remove the device from the patient.

  • How long does the battery last in the device?

    If the device is continuously used the battery will last 14 days in an Android telephone and 7 days in an IOS telephone. The device has a switch to turn-off the device. If the device is turn-off the battery will last the shelf life of the battery.

  • Where to wear the Temperature-Tracker device?

    The correct way to wear the T-T device is to place the sensor under the arm and the transmitter (Bigger part) in the chest or back of the patient. Be sure the patient’s body is not covering the transmitter. The application will disconnect if the wireless signal is lost.

  • When should I used my Temperature-Tracker device?

    It is recommended to use it when your child or patient is experiencing low fever and you the caregiver would like to detect a rise on body temperature automatically. The main use of Temperature-Tracker is to alert before the fever is so high that can cause the patient to convulse.

  • Can I connect more than one T-T device to the smart app?

    Yes, you can connect up to three devices.

  • Can I monitor the temperature of my child remotely?

    Yes, you can use the main Temperature-Tracker portal to register and open an account. www.temperature-tracker.com Login into your account and select your child. Temperature measurements are store in the cloud you can see the latest temperature measurements or a history graph.

  • Do I get remote notifications when the Temperature-Tracker system has detected a fever alarm?

    Yes, the system will send emails and Text notifications. The user has to configure his / hers profile with the correct email and telephone number for this feature to work.

  • Will the application alarm me if the battery is low?


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